• 16th Anniversary

    16th Anniversary

    Tikalang School celebrated its 16th anniversary this year with a big show and other festivities. Read more
  • Shows and Company Events

    Shows and Company Events

    Our students can be hired for all kind of shows, or we train your employees to be the stars at your company event ... it is so much fun. Read more
  • Costume Rental / Make Up

    Costume Rental / Make Up

    In need of costumes for special occasions? We can provide them, from the very simple to the rich and impressive ones. And we do great make up, too! Read more
  • Courses


    We offer an impressive variety of courses in dancing, singing, and music for all ages and all levels. Read more
  • Join us!

    Join us!

    Join us and be part of our happy family. Read more


Welcome to Tikalang School. Tikalang in Thai means “House of Many Mirrors”, and we offer courses in Thai Music and Thai and Modern Dance. Founded in 1999, the school is the first private institution of its kind officially approved and authorized by the Ministry of Education since December, 2004.

Tikalang School teaches female students only, both adults and children, starting at the age of four. It is the leading institution in the region, bringing its students up to an almost professional level. That is why the school is very often hired to perform during important religious and commercial events around the area of Sriracha District, Chonburi and nearby provinces.

The school has also been chosen several times by government agencies (e.g. Thai Tourism and Thai Cultural Centre) for promotional tours inside and outside of Thailand.

Tikalang is so well known, in fact, that a delegation of the school was invited to perform in front of Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali three times already (see Awards).